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It’s been a busy month at IC. First we launched a new website for Bundanon Trust, and this week we finished Ministry of Sound’s new site.

MOS - music

Ministry of Sound started as a London nightclub, and branched out to include an indie record label that showcases the best and newest electronic music. They came to IC looking for a new website that lived up to their reputation of being on music’s cutting edge.

We built a site that’s big on visuals and that revolves around the music and artists. Users can favourite and buy tracks, and stream music on a player that’s so nimble, it works in browser seamlessly on all devices, from desktop to mobile.

MOS - player

Ministry of Sound has an enormous quantity of rapidly changing content, and a website like that needs a robust back end. Behind the scenes, the IC CMS allows Ministry of Sound to easily update all their data and content. With other CMSes, the developer strictly defines where pieces of content will go on a page. Our CMS features modular content blocks, giving users the flexibility to move pieces of content to multiple regions of the page, all the while preserving a great design.

We pulled out all the stops, and from the front-end design to the back-end development, we did the entire project in house. We think it turned out pretty sick. (Sick meaning cool, not sick meaning ill. Do the kids even say that anymore? Better run it by Ministry of Sound).

MOS events

Need a website that can manage a lot of rapidly changing content and still look beautiful? Let’s talk.

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