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Our developers share cool links with each other – about Django, Python or web stuff. Every few weeks, we share them with you.

  • This is an interesting and very nerdy blog post, with the clearest overview of Python’s descriptor and method-binding magic I’ve ever read: Object models
  • Despite being fans of REST APIs, this article is an excellent outline of the dangers: REST is the new SOAP – Pakal De Bonchamp
  • Here's a MacOS High Sierra tip that just fixed a hugely annoying bug where my menu bar would show up as almost pure black on whichever of my two screens was not active.
  • Interesting new tool for in-browser testing – Cypress
  • A primer on Blockchain (Ethereum) programming for web developers.
  • Of course, Ethereum is yesterday's news (though it's working and practical). If you want tomorrow's news, check out Rho Calculus. It's a new paradigm for event-driven code that doesn't rely on polling, so if some condition triggers, the code you have bound to that condition executes, but without an event loop that polls the condition at a specified rate.
  • Our answer to the growing complexity of doing business cannot be adding complexity to the development process – no matter how elegant it may seem.Software Complexity Is Killing Us - Simple Thread

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