Future of Content Management - Redux

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 14 March 2017

About the author

Tim Mansfield is a strategist, culture consultant and futures researcher, specialising in the cultural sector. He has been the CEO of the Interaction Consortium since August 2016.

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Back in 2015, we wrote a series of blogs called "The Future of Content Management". It was an analytic survey of then-current trends in content management systems (CMS) in the collective opinion of digital agency people, CMS designers and content architects.

It holds up pretty well. Many of the future trends at the time are still underway, though some of them remain in the future.

Still – times change, so we're in the process of updating the survey in light of the last two years. When we're done, we'll publish a new report.

In the meantime, we've gathered the original blog posts into a report called "The Future of Content Management", first edition.

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