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It's only when working with colleagues and clients from the other hemisphere that you realise how much of a singularity this next week or two is in Australia.

Sure, lots of places celebrate Xmas in a more or less civic way along with the other seasonal holidays. But in many places, it's a day or two off work in the middle of winter.

In North America, there's already been Thanksgiving, so your family's insistence on gathering together has already had its time.

For us in Australia, this is mid-summer PLUS Christmas (with no Thanksgiving) PLUS New Year. It's like our brains go a little offline for the next 2-3 weeks. Nothing much gets done and nobody makes much fuss about it.

Rationally, I know I'm about to take about 10 days off, but it feels like this massive, unbridgeable gap between now and early January - only exacerbated by the new year. 

It feels like a singularity. Like we're about enter into null time and... who knows what might come out the other side?

Enjoy this liminal space as we head into it. Thanks for your support and engagement in 2017. Let's all achieve marvellous things in the new year.

All my best to you and yours,


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