Transdisciplinary Big Data, Social Networks and Gender Offenders with Deb Verhoeven

Written by Dr Timothy Mansfield
Published on 1 April 2020

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Tim Mansfield is a strategist, culture consultant and futures researcher, specialising in the cultural sector. He has been the CEO of the Interaction Consortium since August 2016.

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Portrait photo of Deb Verhoeven.

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Deb Verhoeven is an incredible speaker, researcher, film-lover, data wonk and gender equality commando. Her collaborative research on gender disparity in the Australian film industry and the research sector has opened the minds of many of us and asked entirely new questions about the problem.

This episode of Interaction opens with an excerpt from Deb's talk at Digital Humanities 2015, "Has Anyone Seen A Woman?"

My conversation with Deb was rich, deep and exciting, so rather than trim it, we released it in two parts.

In Part One, Deb and I talked about crossing boundaries in data science and the humanities, our relationship with machines, finding a world without domination and how it is not the size of your data that counts but it’s what you do with it.

In Part Two, Deb she gets into how she is using data to take on gender offenders in Australia’s Film industry by looking at them in the same way as police and counter terrorism agencies might look at a criminal network.

You can always discover more about Deb's amazing work at her website:

Or look for her on Twitter @bestqualitycrab

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