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We recently launched the website for woody.tv, a creator of video campaigns for social impact and change-making projects. Remember the "It’s Time" marriage equality video that went viral a while ago? That was them.

They wanted to start with a simple website that would showcase their videos, so we worked with their in-house designers to build it. But being the great, forward-thinking folk that they are, woody.tv wanted to make sure the website was ready for whatever the future would bring. Maybe they’d pull video in from YouTube, maybe they’d highlight featured ones. Maybe they’d do a lot of things no one has even thought of yet.

The most solid, long-lasting structures are those that are built thoughtfully out of the best materials from their bones outward. No shortcuts, no hacked solution piled upon wobbly hacked solution. A website built in Django is like that: strong from its core, and nimble, ready to go in any direction.

Because of their technology choice, even on what has started as a simple project, the woody.tv website is prepared for the future. It’s extensible and it’s ready to be challenged.

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